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ITF World Tennis Number

We know that tennis can be the most enjoyable way to keep fit and we also recognise that it can be difficult to find someone of the same standard to play with. From San Francisco to Shanghai, Moscow to Munich, our easy-to-use player rating system means any player can now find an even, enjoyable game.

Our goal? To get you playing more tennis, more often.

ITF World Tennis Number has been created to make it simple for anyone to pick up a racket and play, no matter where you are in the world.

ITF World Tennis Number is for recreational players of all ages. Tennis club members who play a couple of times a week. Park players who get on the court a few times every summer. Kids who are just starting out. Doubles players. We are even here for the lapsed player whose racket hasn’t been used in years.

ITF World Tennis Number

We are passionate about our game - everybody’s game – and we want the whole tennis community around the globe to feel as excited as we do.


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