ITF World Tennis Number

ITF World Tennis Number Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ITF World Tennis Number?

We know that it can sometimes be tricky to find your match on the court, and that’s why ITF World Tennis Number is here. No matter where you are in the world, whether you’re picking up the racket for the first time in years, or you’re a regular at your local club, your Number makes it easy to find players of a similar standard to you. We want more people playing the sport we love with the support they need... #GameOn

What are the benefits of the ITF World Tennis Number?

Tired of relying on the sign-up board to find a game at your local club? Want to play in your local park but can’t find anyone to play with? Whether you’re a singles or doubles kind of player (and you get a Number for both if you can never make your mind up as to which you prefer!), your personalised ITF World Tennis Number will give you easy access to an online, international community of players. You can even build watch lists of players around the world and keep track of their win/loss ratio and compare your Numbers!

How’s it calculated?

Our algorithm uses up to 4 years of match result data to calculate your ITF World Tennis Number. When you compete, we analyze your pre-match rating and your opponent’s. Our algorithm then predicts what it thinks the outcome of your match will be. Your Number changes depending on your score and how it compares to our prediction 

The more of your match results the system holds, the better our algorithm will understand your ability, and therefore, its “confidence” in your Number.

Match results are analysed at set level, meaning our algorithm takes into account each individual set as its own result.  Simply, if your match ends 2 sets to 1 in your favour, then the system will update your Number with two set ‘wins’ and one set ‘loss’. Even if you don’t win the overall match any sets you have won will count towards your Number.

Will there be separate ITF World Tennis Numbers for different ages and genders?

The ITF World Tennis Number is one scale aimed at all players of any age, ability and gender. One of the best things about tennis is that players of any age and gender can enjoy playing together if they are of similar standard.

What match results will count towards your ITF World Tennis Number?

Your completed match results supplied by Tennis Associations will contribute towards your ITF World Tennis Number. Different match formats and grades of competition will affect your Number differently. Each match format will be weighted to ensure that your Number is adjusted after each match to reflect your ability.  
We’re really excited to announce that throughout 2020 several new features will be made available on the ITF World Tennis Number website. These will include recording your recreational match results and viewing these statistics online. Initially these results will not affect your Number but we encourage you to update your profile with them to keep track of playing history. We will then use these to make your Number more accurate in the future. 

Does it help me to play people with a lower ITF World Tennis Number?

Supporting your tennis goals is our main priority, but if you asked us what our tennis goal is, we’d tell you that we want to help you have the best tennis experience possible, every time you step on the court. We do this with our ITF World Tennis Number “Game zONe”. We don’t want to tell you who you can and can’t play, it’s really up to you, but the “Game zONe” will point out the numbers on the scale around your level that we think will be a good match for you.

The way our algorithm works is to predict the outcome of every single match around the world, and to improve your Number you just have to beat the predictions, so playing someone at a far lower level is unlikely to impact your score as you’ll be the favourite to win.

How will my ITF World Tennis Number improve?

ITF World Tennis Number is here to inspire and support your tennis goals, whatever they might be. If your aim is to improve your game and therefore your Number, it couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is keep playing and performing better than our algorithm predicts you will.

How often will my ITF World Tennis Number update?

How often you see your ITF World Tennis Number change depends on you! Although our algorithm is always working away in the background (and updates everyone’s Number around the world every week), the most important factor is how often you play and your results in those matches. You might not see your Number update every week, but rest assured, we’re still here. If you do want to see your Number improve, then get on the court. #GameOn

What is the scale length for the ITF World Tennis Number?

ITF World Tennis Number is simply a scale from 40-1 (we couldn’t resist including our favourite tennis number!). As a complete beginner you’ll receive a Number of 40 which you can gradually start to improve as you play. On the other hand, if you’ve been perfecting your backhand for years, you’ll be closer to 1.

Depending on where you are in the world, you might also see your Number include a decimal place. This allows you to know with even greater precision where your game is at, allowing you to find a partner even more suited to you!