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Credit: Wild Pigs
ITF World Tennis Number
Credit: Wild Pigs ITF World Tennis Number

Spotlight on Tennis Canada...

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ITF World Tennis Number

ITF World Tennis Number is a single global tennis rating for players of all ages, genders and abilities. 

It has been developed to drive participation by creating the world’s largest community of tennis players, enabling more people at all levels to play and enjoy the sport they love.

The free-to-use ITF World Tennis Number is powered by a state-of-the-art algorithm that analyses performance data and millions of match results to provide players with a real-time skill level rating.

There are now more than 60 National and Regional Associations sharing ITF World Tennis Numbers with 1.7 million players worldwide.

Over the coming weeks and months, will circumnavigate the globe and check-in with nations that have rolled out ITF World Tennis Number. First up...Canada. 


What are Tennis Canada saying?

“The ITF World Tennis Number is a game changer. It provides the tennis industry in Canada and globally with much needed technology that supports level-based play and competition.

"We firmly believe that level-based play and competition will help the tennis industry in Canada better retain and develop participants with similar skills and abilities, while also providing a tool to grow the sport in Canada at all levels.

"We now have the ability to reach and service many more tennis players from coast-to-coast-to-coast. We are grateful for the ITF’s leadership and support.”

Eva Havaris, Vice President, Tennis Participation and Partnership


What impact has ITF World Tennis Number had in Canada?

ITF World Tennis Number has had a positive impact on Canadian tennis in multiple ways and for a variety of tennis players. Tennis Canada transmits all domestic match results to the ITF allowing both recreational and competitive players to receive a Number.

ITF World Tennis Number has helped our top junior players gain entry into ITF junior events. For our recreational players, it has helped them assess their skill level and find evenly matched playing opponents within their local tennis community. 


How has ITF World Tennis Number helped drive participation in Canada?

ITF World Tennis Number has helped us introduce three new matchplay programmes in Canada:

  • Community Tennis Leagues provide an opportunity for recreational players to connect with one another and organise friendly matches with each other in their community
  • ITF World Tennis Number Club Matchplay helps clubs organise and record match results from club matchplay events and submit the results
  • ITF World Tennis Number Challenge Matches allow academies to organise additional quality matchplay opportunities for young junior players to help them improve their ITF World Tennis Number score and track themselves against the long-term athlete development guidelines

Overall, ITF World Tennis Number has enabled our delivery partners (associations, clubs, academies etc) to organise additional matchplay opportunities for local tennis players which has driven an increase in participants and frequent play. Our reach within our direct ecosystem has increased by 60% compared to last year.


Will you be using ITF World Tennis Number for tournament acceptance criteria moving forward?

Tennis Canada is currently working with our provincial partners to incorporate ITF World Tennis Number as a part of our adult competition system. Current adult competitive categories will have ITF World Tennis Number ranges added as recommendation/guidance for players.

Also, ITF World Tennis Number is currently being used to help seed players for Junior and Masters national-level tournaments. 


What has the feedback been like from players?

We've seen interest in ITF World Tennis Number from players of all skill levels. We have found that everyone is interested in seeing "where they stack up" and how they are improving over time. 


How do you see ITF World Tennis Number evolving in Canada?

We hope to expand our reach amongst recreational players and drive more public court users into our ecosystem via ITF World Tennis Number leagues. We hope to have a majority of clubs in Canada join ITF World Tennis Number Club Matchplay program.


Answers provided by Arun Nath, Director – Competition Services and Community Tennis at Tennis Canada