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ITF World Tennis Number Rating System
ITF World Tennis Number Rating System

Tennis Ranking vs Tennis Rating

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ITF World Tennis Number

There is often a misconception throughout tennis that a ranking and rating system represent the same measure of a player’s ability. However, where ranking systems ultimately answer the question of who’s the best and who’s the worst, a rating system offers players a numerical assessment of their own personal skill level.

The ITF World Tennis Number intentionally identifies as a skill level rating system, with its primary aim to empower players to use their Number as a means for improving their own game, whilst simultaneously helping then identify suitable opponents within their Game zONe (rating range). In contrast, a ranking system will largely be used for determining the qualification entry and seeding of players in tournaments.

Like the golf handicap, the ITF World Tennis Number is a ‘real time’ measure of tennis  which enables players to track their own progress instead of being tiered on level. This provides recreational players with a far more enjoyable experience, ensuring that they don’t become disengaged with being ranked on their ability or having to take on matches against superior opponents.

The ITF World Tennis Number will give you:

  • A Number for singles, and a Number for doubles
  • A single global scale for everyone, regardless of age, gender or ability
  • Personalised Game zONe to help identify players of a similar skill level to yours
  • Online, searchable community giving you access to suitable opponents wherever you are in the world
  • Access to statistics to track and improve your game, including head-to-head comparisons with other players and their win/loss ratios

For more information on how you can get your Number click here.