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USTA launches ITF World Tennis Number in United States

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The ITF World Tennis Number reaches another significant milestone as it launched in the largest tennis playing nation in the world, the United States.

The USTA, a key strategic partner in the development of the global rating system, announced that over 890,000 players who have played in USTA events and programmes are now able to access their World Tennis Number at The widget also displays one of the unique features of the World Tennis Number, the Game zONe, which helps players identify a range of potential evenly-matched opponents.

The ITF World Tennis Number provides a single global tennis rating for players of all ages, genders and abilities, creating a global community of tennis players and enabling more people at all levels to play and enjoy the sport. 139 national associations, from across six continents, are now signed up and sharing their match results as the first stage of the process towards launching to their players.  

This means currently up to 75 million tennis players (86% of the global playing population) will have the opportunity to gain an ITF World Tennis Number as more nations join the United States, Great Britain, Singapore, Ireland and Lithuania and Denmark in launching the platform to their players.  

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