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3 more nations launch ITF World Tennis Number

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Tennis Canada, Kazakhstan Tennis Federation and Tenis Slovenija are the latest national associations to release ITF World Tennis Number to their players.


What does this mean?

Tennis players in Canada, Kazakhstan and Slovenia are now able to view their ITF World Tennis Number and benefit from:

  • A real-time rating for singles and doubles
  • Personalised Game zONe to help identify players of a similar skill level
  • The ability to search other suitable opponents and track their progress


Where can I find players’ Numbers?


Players registered with their respective Provincial Tennis Association (PTA) in Canada are able to find their ITF World Tennis Number for singles and doubles here. Click on the ‘search’ then ‘players’. Start typing your name and select your profile when it appears. Your ITF World Tennis Numbers will appear directly under your name.

More information:
ITF World Tennis Number (WTN) - Tennis Canada
Tennis Canada (



ITF World Tennis Numbers are visible on the Kazakhstan Tennis Federation website within the ‘ratings’ section. Use this link to access information on players including their ‘wtn’.

More information:
Kazakhstan Tennis Federation introduces worldwide tennis ranking (
Rating - Tennis Federation Republic of Kazakhstan (



Players in Slovenia can access their IT World Tennis Number by clicking here. Simply search a player’s name and check columns named ‘Singles’ and ‘Doubles’ to view players ITF World Tennis Numbers.

More information:
WTN jakostna lestvica - Tenis Slovenija (
WTN - Tenis Slovenija (
navodila-za-ustvarjanje-profila-in-placilo-prijavnine-itf-wtn.pdf (


Other nations

ITF World Tennis Number is currently available to players in Great Britain, Ireland, Singapore, Kazakhstan, U.S., Lithuania, Denmark, Slovenia and Canada as well as players competing on the ITF Juniors World Tennis Tour and ITF Masters World Tennis Tour. Find out how to get your Number.

Is your country not listed? Don't worry, we're working with 140+ National Tennis Associations to get ITF World Tennis Number ready for players and will be in contact as soon as it's ready for you. The way to stay updated is to sign up to our Newsletter.