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9 ways ITF World Tennis Number is being used around the world

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What is ITF World Tennis Number? Click here

1. 890,000 tennis players in the U.S now have an ITF World Tennis Number

Tennis players across the United States are now able to access their personal real-time ITF World Tennis Number rating on (US Tennis Association official website). Simply by visiting, players can gain access to their individual Number, which is freely available and updates on a weekly basis. They can also find their ultimate ‘GameZone’, which provides a personalised range of ITF World Tennis Numbers that the algorithm has identified would make for a competitive match for them. This new tool makes it easier for players, clubs, tournament organisers, coaches and colleges to organise level-based play and accurately track players progress week by week. Find out more.

2. 173,000 players in Great Britain are using their ITF World Tennis Number

The LTA (the governing body of tennis in Great Britain) has introduced ITF World Tennis Number as their national rating. Players in Great Britain can now submit their own friendly match scores via the LTA Advantage membership area, which, alongside domestic and international results, will all count towards their ITF World Tennis Number. The ITF World Tennis Number is also being used as the acceptance and seeding measure for adult competition. Find out more.

3. ITF World Tennis Number forms part of ITF tournament acceptance criteria

ITF World Tennis Number is being used as part of the acceptance criteria for ITF Junior and ITF Senior Tournaments. Since 23rd May, over 90 ITF tournaments in 30 nations covering Africa, Asia, Europe, Central America & Caribbean, North America, Oceania, South America have made use of the new global rating.

4. USTA piloting ITF World Tennis Number as acceptance criteria for domestic competition

Since earlier this year, the USTA has been piloting using ITF World Tennis Number as acceptance criteria and seeding for 50 USTA ranked Junior tournaments.

5. ITF World Tennis Numbers displayed on

ITF World Tennis Numbers for ITF Juniors and Seniors are available on This information is publicly available so both players and fans can monitor real-time ratings for individual players all over the world. ITF registered players also have access to their historical ITF World Tennis Number statistics.

6. Tennis Ireland delivers ‘a world first’ through ITF World Tennis Number

Tennis Ireland are using ITF World Tennis Number in conjunction with their national ranking to determine the acceptance list and seeding for the 2022 Irish National Indoors tournament involving the islands Top 32 Women’s and Men’s players. At a local and club level, the new global rating, which is available on, has made it much easier for tournament organisers to create level-based tournaments and try new innovative formats, and for players to track their own numbers. Previously, the Number was used to run a national club-based ITF World Tennis Number Club Round Robin - a world first. This was freely available for any player in Ireland, with over 1,400 taking part.

7. Lithuanian Tennis Union has made ITF World Tennis Number available to its players 

Lithuanian players, coaches and clubs can enjoy the benefits ITF World Tennis Number, one of the most advanced and accurate rating systems in the world.

8. Denmark brings the ITF World Tennis Number to Scandinavia

Players in Denmark will no doubt be channelling their inner-Caroline Wozniacki or Holger Rune on court, while using the ITF World Tennis Number to organise level-based play and track their progress. Since launch, the Danish Tennis Federation continue to work with clubs across Denmark to facilitate play and help players obtain and update their ITF World Tennis Numbers.

9. Singapore a pioneering nation in the ITF World Tennis Number project

Singapore was one of the first nations to adopt the ITF World Tennis Number which now incorporates tennis data and statistics from more than 140 countries globally. The Number is available to players in Singapore via the Singapore Tennis Association. Coaches in Singapore have started to use the real-time rating for talent ID and association program placements for its players. ITF World Tennis Number has also enabled Singapore Tennis to identify gaps in its player pathways, which are being rectified where possible.