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The ITF World Tennis Number building global momentum

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ITF World Tennis Number

Countries continue to unite under the ITF’s World Tennis Number as global participation reaches 27 National and Regional Associations. The latest of which to release ITF World Tennis Numbers to their players include:

What does this mean?

Tennis players competing within these associations are now able to view their ITF World Tennis Number and benefit from:

  • A real-time rating for singles and doubles
  • Personalised Game zONe to help identify players of a similar skill level
  • The ability to search other suitable opponents and track their progress 
  • The potential to enter tournaments

What is the ITF World Tennis Number?

The ITF World Tennis Number is a rating system for all players, based on skill level and ability. The algorithm uses a sophisticated mathematical calculation, similar to rating systems used in chess and video games, that will determine a player’s competitive ability. It takes into account sets and matches played, which means that the more you compete, the more accurate your rating will be.

With 1.5 million players now able to access their ITF World Tennis Number, we’re currently supporting over 160 National and Regional Tennis Associations in ensuring that they’re able to provide their players with ratings very soon. Should you not already have access to your number, your National Association will be in contact as soon as it is ready.

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