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NCAA Tennis Championships
NCAA Tennis Championships

Transforming college tennis through the ITF World Tennis Number

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ITF World Tennis Number

The Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) has launched their innovative College Connect Programme, aiming to simplify the path for junior players exploring College Tennis opportunities. Central to this initiative is the integration of the ITF’s World Tennis Number (WTN) system, which became the official rating system for college tennis in 2023.

In partnership with the WTN, the ITA has unveiled a dedicated webpage featuring an intuitive WTN search tool. This tool assists tennis enthusiasts in exploring college tennis opportunities, enhancing the experience for members and bolstering tennis as a vibrant college sport.

Through College Connect, players can input their gender and current WTN rating to receive a personalised list of colleges suitable to their skill level. This tailored approach streamlines the college selection process, ensuring players find institutions that match their abilities. Users can simply click the "’find a college for your level’’ button, input their gender and current WTN rating, and generate a list of colleges tailored to their level.

The WTN also serves a broader purpose within the tennis community. All college tennis players are assigned a WTN, visible on the ITA website, promoting transparency.

The ITF World Tennis Number establishes a global rating standard for tennis players, ranging from 40 to 1, with 40 representing a beginner and 1 an elite professional. This scale applies universally, with separate ratings for singles and doubles, being likened to the golf handicap. The system has garnered widespread adoption, boasting over 1.75 million players across 80 nations, with an additional 169 nations enlisted, underscoring the global embrace of the WTN among nations worldwide.

Moreover, the WTN contributes to player development, fostering fair competition and growth across levels, from ITF Juniors to USTA junior tournaments.

ITA's College Connect, powered by the WTN, marks a significant advancement in collegiate tennis. By leveraging technology and standardised rating systems, the programme opens doors for aspiring athletes, ushering in a new era of excellence in college tennis.

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