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ITF World Tennis Number - Spain
ITF World Tennis Number - Spain

'Vamos!' Spain joins the ITF World Tennis Number revolution

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ITF World Tennis Number

Spain has officially adopted the ITF World Tennis Number (WTN), bringing a new level of organisation and accessibility to tennis players across the country. This advanced platform offers players real-time ratings for singles and doubles, providing a way to measure progress, as well as a personalised Game Zone to help determine a players’ skill level in comparison to their peers.

The WTN caters to a diverse range of players, from casual enthusiasts to seasoned professionals, ensuring that everyone can find suitable opponents. By fostering healthy competition and encouraging greater participation in tennis, the WTN aims to unite players worldwide in their shared passion for the game.

Spanish players of all different age groups have enthusiastically welcomed the WTN, citing its transformative impact on their tennis journeys.

Francisa Sintes Martin, 44, from Ciutadella (Menorca), #16.8 WTN, has expressed their excitement: “I see it as very necessary and believe it will be beneficial for all those players who, like me, choose their vacations based on tournaments and the opportunity to play in other countries.

“You can play with people at your level, meet different people, and learn from other countries. It is great for traveling on vacation and continuing to play the sport we love… Coming from a club in Menorca, we often have visitors looking for players to match with and we don’t always know their level. This system is more practical and better for everyone.”

Miquel Puigdevall Lamolla, 61, from Tarragona, #17.2 WTN, added; “Good things are always welcome, and I congratulate the Spanish Tennis Federation for implementing this. Any tool that helps unify everything and evaluates all players’ results is positive for tennis and Spanish players alike.”

A Bright Future for Spanish Tennis

The introduction of the ITF World Tennis Number marks a significant milestone in Spain's tennis landscape. By providing a user-friendly platform that connects players globally, the Real Federación Española de Tenis (RFET) aims to foster a more connected and active tennis community. Whether players seek competitive challenges or social connections, the WTN promises to redefine their tennis experiences, making it easier than ever to find suitable opponents and enjoy the game they love.

Key advantages of the ITF World Tennis Number include:

  • Universal Standard: Establishes a single global scale, allowing for straightforward comparison of skill levels across age, gender, and ability.
  • Matchmaking made easy: The personalised Game Zone facilitates fair and competitive matches by pairing players with similar abilities.
  • Global Community: An online, searchable community grants access to compatible opponents worldwide, facilitating further opportunities for play and fostering camaraderie, whether for competitive or social play.
  • Performance Tracking: Detailed statistics enable players to monitor their progress, including head-to-head comparisons and win/loss ratios.
  • Player Favourites: Users can create lists of preferred opponents or friends they wish to challenge, enhancing gameplay experiences.
  • Wellness Boost: By promoting inclusivity and active participation, the WTN contributes to physical health and mental well-being.

“The WTN is very good because you can know the real level of the players,” Alfred Bartrés Salido, 50, from Barcelona, #25.4 WTN.

Paul Lifton, Senior Project Manager for WTN said, “The ITF is very proud to be working alongside the Real Federación Española de Tenis and 170 National Associations to create a new global tennis community that is open to everyone.”

Lorenzo Martinez, Director General for the RFET said, “The RFET and the ITF work tirelessly to increase and bring together the tennis community. The WTN will help tennis players worldwide to find the right person to play with and the right program to join. This enables level-based play to ensure everyone is enjoying the sport. Launching WTN will continue boosting tennis in Spain.”

Regardless of whether you’re a weekend player or a dedicated athlete, discovering your ITF World Tennis Number (WTN) can unlock new opportunities and connections in the vibrant world of tennis. Join the movement today and elevate your tennis journey with the WTN.